What’s Next for Edward and Amelia?

“It is as easy to dream a book as it is hard to write one.” — Honore de Balzac, novelist (1799-1850) After finishing what I’ve been calling book one of Edward & Amelia, I decided to make significant changes. Then, I looked up, and it was almost October! Sorry to go dark with no explanation, […]

Seventeen: Tipping Point

Collie moved up the stairs from the great room and entered the dark hallway on the second floor of the White Hart. He shifted into the form of a mountain lion and padded quietly toward the meeting room ahead on the left. Collie had been in that room only a few minutes earlier, to shut […]

Sixteen: The Tower

Torvald was at the door of the White Hart, looking out toward the green more than one hundred yards away as the distant shouting continued. The patrons had all left their seats and were crowding around the two large open windows. Amelia followed Torvald to the door and squeezed in on his left. “What’s going […]

Fifteen: Nightfall

After dinner, Salah helped his mother clear the table, and then he was free to go fishing until dark. “I’ll be back soon, Mama!” Salah banged through the kitchen half door and went to the tool shed attached to their side of their small adobe house. He took down his fishing pole and made sure […]

Fourteen: The Roost

“Vampires! You better get out of here before I knock your heads off!” Salah shouted, swinging a large stick over his head. His playmates, Daniel and Alexi, ran around Salah in circles, alternating hisses and laughter. They were doing all the things children do when out of their mothers’ sight — using bad language, playing […]