About the Author

Father of three, husband of one, an unemployed writer who provides for his family by doing tech support.

I write for a lot of reasons — it’s therapeutic, it helps me make sense of my life, and ultimately because I find it impossible not to write.

In particular, I’m writing  Edward & Amelia because some of the places I’d like to visit and people I’d like to meet don’t actually exist, and I’d like to change that.


12 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. You know, I have a similar feeling impelling me to write: I want to visit places and meet people I cannot seem to find. Are we not looking hard enough, or do they not exist?

  2. Hi Russel, glad you like FF. But weird things happening – teething problems. The ‘likes’ are not coming through on the Notification list; I only picked up yours via email (a good job I hadn’t opted out of that.) I’m mystified, but maybe it will sort itself.
    Anyway, Happy New Year!

    • Interesting — I never even looked at Notifications until you mentioned it; I generally rely on email or the Comments section of the dashboard to know I’ve been pinged. So many rabbit-holes!
      Well, I hope all is sorted out in time for an auspicious 2013. Happy New Year to you!

  3. Hi Russell. This is to notify you of the nomination for the ‘Very Inspiring Bloggers Award. Now don’t blush and refuse it. I’ve awarded it for you for all the encouragement you have given me. And I hope it might bolster your spirits when you return to blogging in the New Year. The terms of acceptance and the jpg of the Award can be found on http://crimsonprose.wordpress.com/2013/12/22/when-the-unexpected/ . Please do accept. You deserve it. Any May Your Christmas and New Year be gloriously bright.

    • Oh, CP, your kind and thoughtful gesture has added warmth and cheer to my holiday season. It’s very gracious of you to still count me an inspiration, as little as I’ve shown my face lately, but I’m glad to think I came along at the right time to give you encouragement when you, Neve and Kerrid were just getting started. A very Happy Christmas to you, and all the best in the coming New Year!

      • And every time I see your gravatar next to ‘liked’ I think warmly of you. I hope all is well – and if not, that tribulations soon will resolve. May the warmth of the summer always be with you. CP

  4. Yes, Brian, you and CP are just two horrible peas in a pod! You are so kind to mention E&A (again) and to encourage me to keep working. Rest assured I’m making great progress and hope to finish TVK by early spring, And when I do, the shout-outs to you and CP will be loud and specific!

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