Welcome to the Wilderlands

Young adult fiction is very popular these days. The success of Harry Potter helped the entire adolescent genre expand and thrive. The shelves are lined with best-selling franchises of YA fantasy, YA horror, YA romance, and YA horror/romance. It’s kind of overwhelming. So why am I doing it?

Edward and Amelia versus The Vampire King began as a story told to my own kids, so its roots are in the old-fashioned bedtime story. I decided it would be fun to put it on (virtual) paper, but I had never written specifically for a young audience before. I made the action, especially the scary stuff, less graphic than my usual writing, and I left out the colorful language, but it wasn’t a hard transition. I think that’s because a good story is not only timeless, but ageless.

So, this is the tale of a nerdy kid named Edward Lockheart, and his cool older sister, Amelia. The siblings and their mother, Lucy, are trying to to deal with the unexplained disappearance of their father, John, which has turned their lives upside-down.

This story has vampires, of course, also wizards, dwarves, monsters, teenagers, an innkeeper with a dark, secret past and his partner, a charming shapeshifter, plus magical watches, enchanted swords, some unusual geography, and lots of schemes and counter-schemes. And iPhones. Hopefully, there’s something in there you will like.



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